We gladly accept cash, credit cards and checks for payment.  For your convenience, fees are auto drafted from your credit or debit card on the 1st of the next month of classes. You may also pay membership and fees at the front desk or using the Parent Portal prior to the 19th of each month.

Our open enrollment policy allows you join our year-round program at any time! Our curriculum is continuous for the gymnasts!  

Comfortable clothing is a must! Leotards work great for girls! Shorts and tees are also acceptable for girls .. and boys, of course.  We do recommend slightly fitted clothing, no bulky tees, long shorts, denim, buckles, buttons, zippers, etc. For safety, we also request no skirts, tights, socks or jewelry other than stud earrings.  Hair should be secured with barrettes and ponytails.

Parents are encouraged to stay and watch, although for safety and focus of the class, we ask that you refrain from communicating with your child while they are in class.  Children learn best when they can maintain their focus within the class and with their coach.

You are welcome to drop off you children as long as your child is comfortable with your absence.  Please return inside to pickup your child and do not ask them to find you in the parking lot!

Please return promptly near the end of class for pickup as coaches are usually scheduled immediately following for their next group of gymnasts.

Our coach to gymnast ratio is generally not greater than 8 to 1 for the over five year old classes.  Preschool classes are generally not larger than 6 to 1!

For this reason, please call ahead to schedule enrollment in new classes or makeup classes.

Your annual Flex Gymnastics membership will provide secondary insurance in the rare case of an accident on the premises.  

Our competitive gymnasts and coaches are also all registered with USA Gymnastics which provides insurance at sanctioned competitive events.