Covid-19 Information

While we cannot both be open to the public and also prevent 100% of all germs from spreading, we are confident in the policies and procedures we have put in place following all government recommendations and CDC guidelines. For these precautions to be as effective as possible, it will require the support and participation of The Gym Nests’ employees, students, and families.

Some of the new guidelines we will be implementing are:

  • Limited class sizes (5 students max. per recreational class).
  • Required handwashing and sanitation before class and after each event.
  • Limited number of people in the gym at one time.
  • Sanitizing equipment after classes.

If anyone in your household is showing any signs of illness, please stay home. If a student has symptoms (including coughing, runny nose, fever, congestion, etc.) parents will be called immediately and the student will not participate in the activities of the class.